5 Tips To Crush Your 10K

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The training has been done and it’s time to turn our attention to event day. Here’s Still Waters Run Deep’s top tips for crushing your 10k

1. Be Prepared

It’s important a few days before the race to have a look over the course route and to read a few previous reviews to get yourself familiar with what you’ll be tackling. Having some knowledge of the route will allow you to think about where the bumps in the road are, where you can save some energy and where you can hammer down.

It’s also key to read through the race booklet. Check which wave you’re in, what your start time is and pull out any other key bits of information you need for the race. Remember it will be busy, with thousands of runners taking part you’ll need to allow yourself some extra time to get to the start line.

2. Nutrition

Remember that it’s ‘just’ a 10K, so you won’t be needing to devour a mountain sized portion of pasta the night before.

Graze, don’t chow down. Stick to foods you’ve eaten during your training rather than trying anything fanciful that could upset your stomach. Try eating carbs in small increments throughout the day before the race.

You need to stay hydrated, but with no major drinking 30 minutes before the gun. Drink small amounts throughout the day.

3. Race Day Kit

Preparation is key! The night before the event, if you have your bib already, pin it to your kit.

Remember to take that all important race day kit snap for your social media feeds. If it’s not on social media, it probably never happened, right? Share it on the socials and don’t forget to use the event hashtag.

4. Race Goals

Ahead of the event, jot down your goals for the run.

We think it’s best to set three:

Plan A: If everything goes perfectly, this is what I’ll be aiming for…

Plan B: If I’m just out of PB pace, this I am happy settling for…

Plan C: If everything goes wrong, just finish and enjoy it!

5. The Race

Remember start steady and stay even. Going out too quick at the start will hurt you later on.

We always aim to run the first 20 percent of the race slower than you normally would, with the idea being you’ll finish strong and build during the race. Don’t try to “bank” time by going out faster than your target pace. If you do that, you risk burning out early and will slow down towards the end.

Remember to help people too. That word of encouragement to other runners as you go will raise their spirits and help them along the way.

Try to keep an even pace throughout the race, and store some extra energy for the best part… that final stretch to the finish!


The ultimate goal is to enjoy the race. The hard work has been done and it’s your time to show what you can do.

“It’s not how fast you go, it’s how you cross the finish line”. Charlie Dark, Run Dem Crew.

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