Recovering After Your Great Run Event

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You trained, you ran, you conquered! 

You've acheived greatness and now it's time to bask in the glory, enjoy your celebrations and recover from your challenge. Oh and find a home for your new medal! 

Once you've crossed the finish line it's important you take note of a couple of things to aid your recovery.

Keep moving 

It's really easy to stop moving completely when you cross the finish line. It helps your body recover if you keep moving slightly to stop you from stiffening up. If you've got enough energy left, try jogging a little on the spot or round the block to bring your heart rate down.

Arrange a meeting point

There's nothing worse than crossing the finish line and not knowing where you're loved ones are. Arrange a point to meet them before you start the run so you're not panicking and searching for them. You need that post-run hug ASAP.


Check out your goody bag snacks and refuel appropriately and according to the distance you've just run. It's normal to feel slightly nauseous and dizzy once you finish. Have a small bite to eat and take sips of isotonic fluid or water when you can to aid recovery. 

Collect your stuff

Most events will have a baggage facility where you can leave your belongings whilst you run. Collect your goody bag as soon as you can and go to the baggage collection point and grab a warm, dry layer to pop on as your sweat starts to cool you down.

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